Get ready to ride the waves of creativity with ThrashCo a unique blend of cutting-edge web design and brand charisma.

Beyond a mere website, ThrashCo is the heartbeat of youth skateboard culture, bringing you trendy apparel and skate-centric products.

My Role

As ThrashCo's UI designer, my task was to ensure cohesive aesthetics across all interactive spaces, adhering to brand guidelines. Three dynamic interactive stations redefine the retail experience, allowing users to delve into product features effortlessly.

The project focused on redesigning and repositioning these stations within a fictional outdoor goods firm's retail space. Objectives included crafting captivating motion graphic screensavers, integrating GSAP animations, and producing tailored movies for the dynamic motion graphic promotional station.

ThrashCo's commitment to visual engagement shines through this design journey.

Brand Story

I coined the name "ThrashCo" to embody the unbridled spirit of skateboard culture—an authentic celebration of raw energy and passion. This moniker resonates with our tribe, inviting skateboard enthusiasts into a world where every kickflip, ollie, and grind is a moment to be cherished.

ThrashCo seeks trailblazers, individuals pulsating with vibrancy, living for the outdoors. Our main audience, predominantly young adults, thrives on weekly skate sessions, invigorating walks, dynamic bike rides, or the thrill of camping adventures.

Explore the complete ThrashCo brand journey in our brand book here.


  • This project was fun as i was asked to create everything from scrath, from brand name, logo, brand aesthetics

  • Create website that feels fresh - modern and clean

  • Some interesting element expected in the website to wow the youth

  • And lastly a brand book for the company.


  • I came up with brand name - ThrashCo that represents the energy and feel of the brand. Played with different styles till i finally got the iconic line art style for the brand

  • Made HTML CSS and JS coded website that reflects the vibe of the ThrashCo

  • Used Parallax in website that were trigged on scroll behaviour, creating interesting effect

  • Brand book was made with all the information in it too keep the branding consistent throughout

Brand Aesthetics