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My Role

My role as the user interface designer was to make all the interactive spaces have the same aesthetic and follow brand guidelines. 

Three completely interactive stations make up this creative retail installation, which aims to improve the customer experience. These stations are made to be interactive, giving users a rich platform to explore product features in more detail.

The project job entails redesigning the stations and rearranging their location within a retail space for a fictional outdoor goods firm. The project's main objectives are to create motion graphic screensavers, create station designs that incorporate GSAP animations into the code, and create movies specifically for the motion graphic promotional station.

Apart from these components, photography was essential in obtaining images for model shoots as well as product presentations.

Check complete Retail Installation Considerations here.

Brand Story

I chose the title "Trekko" for our company. "Trekko" means to set out on an adventure in the vast outdoors, encapsulating the spirit of exploration and learning. The community of contemporary explorers is the target audience, and they are encouraged to embrace the excitement of setting out into the unknown and creating their own adventures.

We are looking for people that are trend-setters and have a strong sense of vibrancy. Most of these people are young adults who love being outside and going on weekly hikes, walks, bike rides, or camping excursions.

Set of chevrons are used, representing the energy to go out and explore. In other variations of the logo, chevrons are also used in letter K of Trekko. Moreover, colour scheme has been carefully chosen to reflect the tones found in nature, creating an earthy, grounded vibe.

Check complete brand book here.


  • To improve user experience and uphold brand consistency, create aesthetically pleasing designs and animations for stations

  • Make a visually captivating screensaver video to assist customers

  • Featured product presentations that are visually appealing will enhance the Interactive Catalogue

  • Install an interactive 360-degree rotating product viewing station

  • Create a touchscreen ordering station with mix-and-match features, receipt printing, and screensavers with a fashion theme

  • Create a promotional video that tells the business's story to customers in order to increase brand awareness both inside and outside of the store


  • Created the concept, logo, and messaging for a made-up outdoor clothing company

  • To improve the client experience, three interactive stations' layout and user interface were designed

  • Enhanced user interactions and application transitions by utilizing GSAP animations

  • Created eye-catching motion graphic screensavers for every station

  • Captured top-notch model and product images for use in advertising and interactive displays

  • Tested interactive stations to make sure they were operating properly and providing the best possible user experience

  • Created a final presentation that included promotional films

Brand Aesthetics


Demo Video

A brief film with screen captures of some of the station screens was created to summarize the whole project in a video.