Collaborative Project

Collaborative Project, was team effort of two programs collaborating to work for real world clients.

The video is captured and edited by me. Check the video to learn more.


Collaborative projects were programs in which two programs collaborated together to work on real-world clients.

Me and the other 3 team members were part of a video production group that was responsible for directing the whole project for 4 months and making two videos, one for Instagram and the other for YouTube.

I was part of the YouTube team and handled capturing video, but mainly, I was the sole editor of the whole YouTube video, which included more than 4 months of video footage, voiceover, text animations, editing, and more.


1. Conceptualized and implemented a design showcasing critical real-time information such as time, weather, news, and the day’s menu.

2. Created an admin panel with CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) functionalities for efficient management of digital signage content.

3. Generated dynamic signage in alignment with Durham College's brandbook.

4. Creating 3 Motion Graphic advertising videos that are hosted on Youtube for playback.

5. Creating 3 advertisment using GSAP animations.