Hidden Object Game

Embark on a Safari of Words: Introducing 'Word Safari' – A Thrilling Hidden Object Adventure for Young Explorers to Watch, Learn, and Discover the Names of Objects!

My Role

In 'Word Safari,' I handled every aspect of the project, creating all assets, coding mechanics, and designing the interface from the ground up.

This demonstrates my ability to work independently, crafting designs that capture the essence of the game while maintaining a cohesive look. Through this project, I'm dedicated to delivering an engaging experience that fulfills the game's educational goals.

The Game

Word Safari is an immersive educational game designed to engage young learners in a fun and interactive experience. Players embark on a captivating journey through various environments, where they must uncover hidden objects and learn their names.

With vibrant visuals and intuitive gameplay, Word Safari fosters curiosity and enhances vocabulary skills in an enjoyable way. As the creator of Word Safari, I aimed to provide a dynamic learning tool that sparks excitement and fosters a love for exploration and discovery in children


  • Create a game from scratch using HTML, CSS, and JS

  • Design a logo and come up with a catchy name that represents the game

  • Make a colour scheme, icons, and brand aesthetics

  • Game must be suitable and easy to play for a young age group

  • It must be bug-free and have different scenes in the game


  • Coded the game using HTML, CSS, and vanilla Javascript

  • Designed the logo and came up with the game title, Word Safari.

  • Created all the game assets using Adobe Illustrator and easy-to-look-at colours

  • Used bold text and bright colours to make the app suitable for kids

  • I tested the game, created an insurgency and winning scenario, and made a total 4 scenes to play with