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Set off on a Culinary Adventure at Family of Eatries – Three Unique Restaurants, One Unforgettable Experience.🍽️

My Role

In my role as the sole UI designer for Family of Eatries, I took charge of a complete branding project for our three restaurants: Ceviche, Fine Vines, and Crispy. From start to finish, I designed logos, chose colors, and created icons to represent each place.

This project highlights my ability to work independently, creating designs that capture the individual character of each restaurant while maintaining a cohesive overall brand. Through this project, I showed my dedication to crafting engaging visuals that connect with our customers and strengthen our brand identity

Brand Story

Family of Eatries (FOE) is a prominent parent company housing three distinctive restaurants: Ceviche, Fine Vines, and Crispy. Ceviche boasts a modern and upscale atmosphere, while Fine Vines offers a luxurious Italian dining experience. Crispy, on the other hand, brings a contemporary twist to fast food.

As the UI designer for FOE, I had the privilege of crafting the visual identity for each restaurant, ensuring that their unique charm and personality were reflected across all digital platforms. Through my work, I aimed to convey the diverse culinary offerings and inviting ambiance that FOE has to offer


  • Design a logo, make a colour scheme, icons, and brand aesthetics

  • Using a framework, build an app that feels modern and clean

  • Create marketing mockups for advt. and social media

  • Using HTML, CSS, and JS makes the app easy to use and interesting to keep users engaged


  • I designed a logo and chose the fonts and colour scheme that represent the identity of the brand. Created easy-to-look-at icons Using a framework, build an app that feels modern and clean

  • Made sure that the design complimented the brand identity

  • Create beautiful mockups for social media and advertisements that catch people's eyes

  • Used Gsap animation to make the app fast and easy to transfer from one screen to another


Hands On